La Principessa - Castello di Valenzano
The owner of the castle made it possible that you can still enjoy the charm and beauty of this amazing place. The restaurant is located in one of the wings of the palace, where the stables were once located and has been completely renovated. The old winery is also an ideal venue for exhibitions. Still active is the old oil mill with the old millstones.
Adress: Loc. Valenzano 97 - Subbiano
Phone number: 0575 - 487294

    La Corte dell'Oca
Restored to perfection and filled with lots of do-dads from the 50\'s, you will have as much fun looking at all of the objects as you will deciding which dish to get - or at least when to stop getting something to eat....
Adress: Viale Europa - Subbiano
Phone number: 0575 421336
Closing day: Monday

    Osteria la Loggetta
Ideal restaurant for tasting some of the local fare while relaxing on a stunning outside terrace with spectaccular view of the valley. This small restaurant is run by an enthusiastic couple who prepare authentic Tuscan recipes with fresh local ingredients.
Adress: Piazza Santa Maria (Perugia) - Anghiari
Phone number: 075830144

    Il Principe
A charming restaurant located in the centre of a cosy Tuscan village - GIOVI - only 6 km from Arezzo, the building is a historic farmhouse that has been completelly renovated. The specialties are dishes of the traditional Tuscan cuisine, local cuisine and specially fish. There is parking and facilities for handicaped clients available.
Adress: Località Giovi - Arezzo
Phone number: 0575 362046
Closing day: Monday

    La Capannaccia
Located on a hill above the town of Arezzo, this restaurant is a must for many connoisseurs thanks to the simplicity and the great taste of excellent local meat and home-made pasta dishes. The panoramic restaurant is equipped with sufficient parking places. What is special about this place are the rich and hearty dishes that are typical of a traditional Tuscan restaurant. The right atmosphere, excellent service, friendliness and professionalism characterize the restaurant with 50 years of family tradition and it is certainly one of the most charming and historically interesting restaurants of Arezzo.
Adress: Località Campriano, 51 - 52100 Arezzo - Arezzo
Phone number: 0575 36.17.59
Closing day: Monday, Sunday

    Locanda Castello di Sorci
Tuscany overflows with restaurants, its a national past time! However restaurants that still make their own pasta, that is a little less likely to find. Here you will find traditional meals, just like the Nonna (Grandmom) would make. No frills, just good plain pasta with sauce and meat dishes.
Adress: Localita San Lorenzo - Arezzo
Phone number: 0039 0575789066
Closing day: Monday

    Buca di San Francesco
This restaurant is situated in Piazza San Francesco, Arezzo. The particularity of this restaurant is the ambient, decorated with frescos. The staff is friendly and funny. Here you will taste typical Tuscan dishes.
Adress: Via San Francesco - Arezzo
Phone number: 0575 23271
Closing day: Monday, Tuesday

    Osteria del Gallo
Cozy little restaurant with good solid menu held in the Tuscan traditional located on the main road out of Arezzo in the direction of Cortona. Perfect place to stop for a pick me up before you hit the touristic sites in Cortona.
Adress: Via Romana - Arezzo
Phone number: 0575 97288

    Al Fogher
Al Fogher is a typical Pizzeria / Restaurant very close to the centre of Arezzo, that offers quality food and reasonable prices. The main specialty is PIZZA but you find a rich menu composed of typical Tuscan cuisine, specilly meat and appetizers. The desserts are also inviting, like "panna cotta", "cremino" and sweet pizza! There is parking, tables in and outside and accepts credit cards.
Adress: Località Ponte alla Chiassa - Arezzo
Phone number: 0039 0575 362577
Closing day: Wednesday


  Mangiar Divino - Gourmet-Service
CHEF AT HOME: Tuscan menu prepared at your vacation home (dinners / lunches from a minimum of 4 people to a maximum of 100 people), cooking classes (in english, spanish or italian language), organization of events, banquets, buffets, romantic dinners, wine tasting (in english, spanish or italian language), buffet service and much more ... visit the Chef´s website for more infos.
Phone number: 39 327 0158492

    La Torre di Gnicche
A majestic medieval tower is home to this little hole in the wall right off of the beautiful town square in Arezzo - small, cozy, great food and even better wine.
Adress: Piaggia S. Martino - Arezzo
Phone number: 0575 352035
Closing day: Wednesday


    Duomo di Arezzo
The Dome of Arezzo is dedicated to its Bishop Donato. At first the cathedral was situated in another place. It was where the Saint Donato was buried, he was decapitated in 363. In 1203 the Pope Innocenzo the 3th ordered to transfer the cathedral inside the walls of the city, where the Dome stands today. The actual Dome was built between 1278 and 1511.



  Wine grapes festival
Each year for this occasion is celebrate the grape fruit. The town of Subbiano will be full of stands with food and wine. It will be a funny day where you will enjoy people singing and dancing. Typical dishes and drinks.
Date: From September 2012
This event takes places every year, same timeframe!

  CANTINE APERTE - open cellars
This is a day dedicated to the wine. On this day all the cellars are open for winetasting. This event take place every year all over Tuscany. Check on the website the date and the map of the cellars.
Date: From May 26 2012 to May 27 2012
This event takes places every year, same timeframe!


  Mengo Music Festival
Mengo Music Festival is a series of concerts where famous and local groups play their best pieces. The concerts are situated in a park organized with stands, restaurant areas, shopping areas and relaxing areas. Check the dates of the appointments on the website.
Adress: Via Alfieri - Tortaia - Arezzo
Date: From June 15 2011 to July 30 2011
This event takes places every year, same timeframe!


  Giostra del Saracino
La Giostra del Saracino is an historical festival, which lasts one week, two times per year: June and September. During this week you will enjoy the tradition of this Joust which is a revocation of the fight against their enemy: the Saracen. You will see the participants dressed with historical costumes, jugglers, typical food and music. In this week the city of Arezzo is divided into 4 groups. Each group represents a part of the city. This festival was born as a training for the warriors to fight the enemies. Today each group has to do its best to win the joust by making the highest score. The goal is to hit a puppet with a wooden lancet while galloping on a horse.
Dates: June 23 2012, September 02 2012
This event takes places every year, same timeframe!


  Calici di Stelle
During the night of San Lorenzo in the park of Villa Severi, Arezzo, you can enjoy a wine tasting while trying to see some falling stars. You will find also gastronomic stands with typical products, shopping stands and much fun.
Adress: Villa Severi - Arezzo
Date: From August 2012
This event takes places every year, same timeframe!


  Mercato Antiquario di Arezzo
Every first weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of each month, in the historic centre of Arezzo, there is a big country fair where you can buy antique furniture, pictures, photos and much more. All the historic centre of Arezzo is filled with stands where private people and professionals show and sell their products. It's a great possibility to find some special pieces of history and to spend a day walking in a lovely city while having a typical Italian ice-cream or pizza.
Adress: Historic Centre of Arezzo - Arezzo
Dates: From December 31 2011 to January 01 2012, From Febraury 04 2012 to Febraury 05 2012, From March 03 2012 to March 04 2012, From April 07 2012 to April 08 2012, From May 05 2012 to May 06 2012, From June 02 2012 to June 03 2012
This event takes places every year, same timeframe!


  Porchetta Festival
The Porchetta is a typical Tuscan dishes. It's pork roast and people used to eat it inside 2 slice of bread. The town of Monte San Savino really love the porchetta. They love it so much that they have a guinness for the longest one! This festival is on September. Check the dates on the website.
Adress: Monte San Savino - Arezzo
Date: From September 08 2012 to September 09 2012
This event takes places every year, same timeframe!


  Sagra della bistecca - Steak Festival in Olmo near Arezzo
In the village of Olmo, which is located a few kilometers from Arezzo, takes place every year in July the usual country fair with the famous Steak Festival! You can enjoy fabulous grilled steaks accompanied by good Tuscan wine, as well as Maccaroni with sauce Chianino - simply delicious! And then there are the classic COSTOLICCIO Sausages and (if you do not know what it is like, come to taste!). and of course great PIZZAS? But the party is not only for eating ....... Every evening shows, cabaret, ballroom dancing, sporting events and much more takes place to offer you an unforgettable evening for both the spirit and for the belly .....
Adress: OLMO (AR) - Arezzo
This event takes places every year, same timeframe!



  Notte Rosa - Arezzo
Notte Rosa, or Pink night, is a night dedicated to all the women. In the medieval city of Arezzo for this occasion there are music shows, exibhitions, cultural entertainements, trade fair and much more.
Date: July 22 2011
This event takes places every year, same timeframe!